Embark on one of the most unique leather bespoke experiences in the world. Design the creation of your dreams!

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A longstanding milieu of excellence, the Serapian Bespoke service has been the Maison’s beating heart since it was founded in 1928. Today, as yesterday, this exclusive destination where apron-clad Master Artisans turn dreams into reality, continues to attract an international clientele seeking something a little bit different.

A kaleidoscope of colours: Discover one of the largest collections of fine Italian leathers in the world

A creative process under the guidance of Giovanni Nodari Serapian, as well as involving the Maisons' designers and artisans, to create the bag or the project of your dreams.


Every Serapian creation can be personalised by choosing from a palette of over 500 colours and different types of leathers, which can be combined and matched to the lining and hardware of your choice. Craft your unique Mosaico colour combination by weaving and matching your favourite shades!


For the most discerning clients, Serapian offers a Bespoke Assoluto service where the only limit is the client's imagination. From designing an exclusive trunk for a jewellery collection to refurbishing the interiors of a car from the 1930s, the Serapian Bespoke Assoluto experience can turn all requests into reality.

For premium leather connoisseurs, Serapian offers a complete selection of the most exclusive materials, always in compliance with the highest CSR standards.



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