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Riserva Collection

Treasures from the past, extraordinary today

In the first half of the twentieth century, Stefano Serapian inaugurated the Atelier Bespoke in via Jommelli in Milan, where he produced high quality leather goods and, at the same time, bought and preserved rare and precious leathers. Thus creating a treasure from the past that reaches us intact.
The Riserva models are an ultra-limited series for men proposed for the Fall/Winter 2018-19 season and the Spring/Summer 2019. The second edition was created with a palmellato material of 1972 and the quantity is available for the realization of only 28 pieces for the whole world.
They are models that are taking up the shape of the Paraggi line, realizing the masterpieces of elegance, charismatic objects, destined for true connoisseurs, capable of handing down a piece of history over time.