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The Mosaico long story goes on

Discover the making of our iconinc Craft

Milano, 1947. On that year Stefano Serapian invented the Mosaico outstanding craftsmanship process for top quality accessories, famous until today. By that time he had already opened his atelier in Via Jommelli, where the most sophisticated ladies used to go when looking for understated chic. But with the Mosaico, he was ready to give them something extraordinary.

Lamb nappa is entirely hand-worked, and thanks to this specific process it turns into a precious braid.

The technique consists of a peculiar cutting so that the artisans can pass through the splits with stripes coming from the same leather. The effect is in between Japanese origami and Byzantine Mosaics.

By doing so, the nappa gets stronger while still remaining extremely soft: that’s The Milanese Touch, the typical Mosaico ultra lightness and functionality.