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Georgia Tal
Stylist and Fashion Director, ODDA magazine

A colour that represents Milan the best?

Which cultural figures have influenced Milan the most (past or present)?
Miuccia Prada, Leonardo Da Vinci, Franca Sozzani.

Which buildings or pieces of architecture, apart from il Duomo, represent Milan the best?
Villa Necchi is one of the beautiful buildings of Portaluppi, the famous Milanese architect. It represents elegance and it’s a piece of art and design on its own.

Some must see design locations around the city?
Dimore Studio, Fondazione Prada, Rossana Orlandi.

Where to relax and unwind in the city?
To relax and unwind I highly recommend leaving the city! :) Like most of the people living in Milan, every weekend or bank holiday, they abandon the city and go abroad or to other Italian regions. The thing about Milan is its geographic position; you can reach so many places in just a couple of hours flight or a little drive!

Your favourite shopping spots (for clothes but also books or flowers or jewels etc….)?
I always go at Merù in Brera for jewelry. I love supporting these spots where everything is still hand crafted, where you get to know the owners and have a personal relationship, where there is still quality.

Your favourite place to stop for a coffee and pasticcino?
SISSI. Pink walls and amazing pasticcini, the perfect combo!

Favourite restaurant(s)?
LA LIBERA. To me this trattoria and its owner represent Milan!

A spot for a drink in the night?
BAR BASSO. For an aperitivo or late at night, it’s the bar that always welcomes you, where most of your friends will accidentally be, where you can catch a cold in winter because you stayed outside for hours drinking and chatting. :)

Where to go to see and be seen?
Still no idea! Hard to define a place to be in Milan.

Your perfect day in Milan?
First of all, it’s for sure a sunny one! :) A nice walk in Brera, a great lunch with friends, a visit at the Fondazione Prada, a drink at Bar Basso!

Your favourite secret spot in the city?
Al Garghet, a restaurant south of Milan in the countryside.

Why do you live in Milan?
I guess it just happened - Milan is a constant love/hate relationship. For example it’s very small so you hate it because there are not so many things to do but you also love it because it’s easy to go around and the distances are so short! During the winter is always so grey and rainy but then the spring arrives and it becomes so beautiful that it reminds you why you keep living in Milan!