Rome Boutique - Serapian

May. 21

Rome Boutique Reopening


Serapian is proud to announce the reopening of its newly renovated boutique in the heart of Rome. This revamp blends the elegant luxury of Serapian and the rich history of the Italian capital. Handpainted frescoes decorate the ceilings, perfectly framing the colorful Mosaico Wall, a kaleidoscopic installation of hundreds of leather pieces. The boutique features beautifully designed structure-sculptures by the creative duo Cameranesi Pompili, together with the handcrafted ceramic art pieces by Milesi.
Rome Boutique - Secret Clutch Bag in Mosaico, Mini Zip Wallet in Mosaico, Tri-fold Wallet in Mosaico, Continental Wallet in Mosaico - Serapian
Small Secret Tote Bag in Mosaico and Elaphe - Serapian
Small Secret Tote Bag in Mosaico, Secret Tote Bag in Mosaico - Serapian
The boutique now also hosts an intimate Salotto where clients can enjoy an unparalleled experience of absolute customization and discover the recently unveiled Mosaico Catilina chairs, the result of a collaboration with iconic Milanese design firm Maison Azucena. Come and explore the new boutique in Via Del Babuino 71, Rome or book your private appointment via email at
Rome Boutique Color Palette - Serapian